20 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles, CA


Genwa Korean BBQ is a restaurant located in Los Angeles, California at 5115 Wilshire Boulevard. This restaurant serves eundaegu jolim, den jang jigae, kong guk soo, pa mu chim, soon-tofu, white rice, and brown rice.  They also serve atka mackerel, bibim neng myun, udon, mae un tang, kimchee jigae, edamame, and galbi udon. They are open every day of the week.

Rice w/pan-fried tofu, assorted seasoned vegetables, mixed w/chili pepper paste, served in a sizzling stone pot, mixed at your table. Thinly sliced beef and assorted vegetables lightly marinated in house sauce, served w/glass noodles in hot stone pot. Seared raw prime beef thinly sliced, served w/assorted vegetables, minced radish, wasabi and ponzu dipping sauce. Buckwheat noodles served cold w/chili pepper paste, topped w/beef slices, egg, pear and vegetables. Buckwheat noodles served in cold beef broth topped w/beef slices, egg, pear and vegetables.

Last Updated: Oct 15, 2017