Discover the Top Korean BBQ Restaurants in L.A.

Genwa Korean BBQ - Mid Wilshire

5115 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90036


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Though a bit west of Koreatown, this Mid-City restaurant (and Genwa’s Beverly Hills spinoff) does a great job of making Korean barbecue approachable. The room looks dark and fancy, unusual for some people that expect bright lights and plain décor. The service is also very helpful, with most servers fluent in English. The banchan selection is simply unparalleled in the city, with over twenty tiny bowls matched together on the plate, looking like a visual feast in itself. Then the meat selections come out, which are conveniently put together in combination orders for diversity. The pork belly and brisket are very good, but the galbi might be even better, marinated to the brink of savoriness and then browned on the hot grill. The expansive menu also has plenty of a la carte choices like spicy pork belly, unseasoned short ribs, and even a Wagyu beef ribeye for an over-the-top bite.

Ben Oh