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  • EDAMAME 어린 줄기콩 : Steamed green young soy beans
  • VEGETABLE MANDU 야채 만두 : Choice of pan fried or steamed
  • GENWA SALAD 셀러드 : Mesclun, iceberg, carrot, pan seared tofu with soy wasabi vinaigrette
  • SEASOANL VEGETABLES 모듬야채볶음 : Stir fried, served on a sizzling iron skillet
  • ASSORTMENT OF MUSHROOMS 모듬버섯구이 : Today’s selection of seasonal varieties.  served on a sizzling iron skillet
  • DUK BOK GI 떡볶이 : Soft rice cake and vegetables in sweet & spicy sauce
  • VEGETABLE JAPCHAE 야채잡채 : Stir fried glass noodles, assorted vegetables in sweet soy sauce
  • SOFT TOFU 순두부 : Spicy silky tofu & vegetable stew
  • VEGETABLE BIBIM NENG MYUN 야채비빔냉면 : Cold buckwheat noodles in sweet chili paste. Asian pear & vegetables
  • VEGETABLE UDON NOODLE SOUP 야채우동 : Chrysanthemum leaf & shredded laver
  • VEGETABLE 야채 돌솥 비빔밥 : (served on a sizzling stone pot or cold)  Today’s vegetable selection of seasonal varieties. chili paste
  • TOFU BIBIM BAP “두부비빔밥 : (served on a sizzling stone pot prepared tableside) Steamed rice topped with pan seared tofu & assorted vegetables. chili paste
  • MUSHROOM BULGOGI 버섯 불고기 : (grilled at the table) Assortment of mushrooms marinated in house bulgogi sauce